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Christian Bib                                                                                                                The Studies to Equip God's People for Works of Service

Letter From the Founder

Letter From the Founder of AIBC

The only purpose for the establishment of AIBC was to train preachers, teachers, and Christian workers. That purpose still stands after many years, and it shall stand. The college is strong in Christian apologetics and philosophy. The emphasis we give to philosophy is due to the fact that philosophy has led religion around by the nose. False philosophy is why our world is so mixed-up today and in sin. We must teach the philosophy of the Bible to make men wise unto salvation. We must understand false philosophy in order to expose it in light of the Bible.

All the faculty at AIBC have been selected because of their Bible knowledge and their ability to teach and preach the truth. If we would teach effectively how to preach, we need men that can preach. Each man on our faculty is a powerful preacher.

We need top-notch students with which to work. Preaching the gospel is the greatest work in the entire world; and we need the very best of men mentally, physically, morally, and emotionally to do this great work. We have always asked each person that will and can to help us recruit for AIBC

We ask for the prayers and financial support of one and all. We give you our word that we will always try to follow the Bible and teach it to others. A school is worthy of the support of Christians only when it stays with and follows the Bible. When a school of religion ceases to teach and practice the Bible then men should cease supporting it.

With kindest personal regards, I am.

Yours in Jesus Christ,


- Established 1992 -




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